Walmart Style

This Creative Platform is a first of its kind, cohesive point of view on Style that Walmart is bringing into the world. It was created to help spark customers to see the brand with fresh eyes.

It marks the first time apparel, home, and beauty will be united in one creative campaign, and represents a fresh look, feel, and message from Walmart.

Walmart Head of Style: Jillian Haney
Walmart VP, Creative: David Hartman

Director: Joshua Kissi
Photographer: Lewis Merritt
Agency: Sylvain


Discerning Walmart Shoppers
Who love to discover new styles and deals, and expect style to enrich and support their busy life
Who face

An Inspiration Gap
Caught between their desire for a seamless, stylish life and practicalities that get in the way of inspiration
Walmart offers

Inspired Realness
Curating rich and meaningful style shaped by life’s real, everyday needs


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