For Spring 2022, we honed in on the art of getting dressed by showing that inspiration can come from anywhere. 

Agency: YARD NYC
Creative Director: Jillian Haney
Copy Director: Pooja Kolluri
Style Director: Teng Phour
Head of Creative: Evie Bear

J.Crew Creative Director: Mark DeMott
J.Crew VP Brand Creative: Amy Turkington
J.Crew VP Brand Marketing & Content: Halsey Anderson

Photographer/Director: Collier Schorr
BTS Photographer: Krystallynne

Cultural Insight

A creative renaissance is upon us with experimentation and new ideas helping to re-inspire and push us all forward. Nurturing the arts and creative communities is central to all of us being able to take advantage of this new, exciting energy.
Consumer Insight

Creativity is the fabric that defines their lives and the communities they live in. It inspires new ideas and new ways of thinking that keep them feeling part of culture while also giving them the confidence to pursue their own creative expressions.
Brand Reason to Believe

Through a creative lens and exceptional product quality, J.Crew invented a distinct style that encouraged experimentation by mixing and matching unexpected pieces while also collaborating with partners to constantly bring fresh perspectives to the world. Today we can play a role in dressing the creative renaissance upon us.


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